Faithkeeper 111 (Brother)

Highly Respected Spaceborn Faithkeeper


Faithkeeper 111 was the first male of the Spaceborn Faithkeepers, created to travel to and colonize Terra Prima. He and 5 other Faithkeepers crashed down en route, on an unknown planet. The survival of the other Faithkeepers is questionable. It is more important than ever for him to preserve the faith of those surviving the crash. Just before impact, Faithkeeper 111’s Haliquary illuminated, signifying the exact conditions associated with close proximity to one of the Pure of Heart, a moment that has never happened before.

Allochthonous Fen’s mother was the lead biologist involved with creating the first “Spaceborn.” Only a handful of Faithkeepers were selected from that first crop, based on genetic makeup and psychological profiles. She became very fond of the first boy she helped to raise, later named Faithkeeper 111. Sometimes she would allow her son Fen and the Spaceborn child to play together. When Fen’s parents went missing, Fen would seek out the friendship of Faithkeeper 111. Fen later nicknamed him “Brother” because at times it seemed Brother was his only family. When The d’Artagnan and the other 3 ships (Athos, Porthos and Aramis) were about to set off, it was Brother who requested that Fen be allowed to join the voyage.

Brother met Chanda on a “support personnel” ship when Chanda was visiting Arle. Chanda is iffy on religion, but was trying to become a better, more upstanding person, so she turned to Brother. Brother knows a lot of Chanda’s secrets and personal information… even a few illegal activities post-discharge from prison. As well, once Brother needed to acquire something that was less than legal to help someone close to him. Chanda assisted with the procurement.

When Royce demanded Pickett see Faithkeeper 111 (“Brother”) before officially joinning the crew of the Dartagnan, he was not happy. To his surprise, Brother was open minded and even had conducted their last few sessions in Pickett’s favorite pub. It was Brother that had recommended the highly respected Surgeon, Arle Desasamble, to repair his eye with cybernetics…

Faithkeeper 111 (Brother)

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