Chanda 2245

Ex-Con Mining Supervisor


A former smuggler and professional thief who served a five-year sentence in one of the orbital prisons before securing her release by participating in an experimental behavior mod program. A microchip was installed in her skull to provide impulses that alter her memory and behavior, theoretically reducing her willingness to commit acts of violence or crime. Like other program graduates, Chanda was forced to forfeit all memories of her former family and social circle, and consequently uses her program serial number instead of her forgotten last name. Once discharged from prison, Chanda temporarily entered a halfway facility where she was given the opportunity to train in a profession. Ultimately she found that the skills she acquired in her criminal career were well suited to the logistics of ore mining and engineering, and she became one of the team supervisors for a colony ship mining operation.

Faithkeeper 111 is one of her close friends and confidants; the two share a great many one one another’s secrets.

Her partner Arle was a physician aboard the medical staff and diplomat colony ship, but she has gone missing since the crash landing.

Chanda 2245

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